Private detox

Private, Confidential and Respectful Detox

It is highly recommended that a drug addict, chronic alcoholic, opiate addict, or anyone who will undergo addiction withdrawal, be detoxed before they go into treatment. Detox prepares the client physically to take advantage of the full spectrum of services available at a treatment center.

Safe And Supervised Environment

Shine A Light can refer clients to addiction physicians who are skilled and experienced in this very sensitive procedure. Once the client has seen the physician and received the appropriate medication, it is imperative that they undergo the detox process in a safe and supervised environment. Shine A Light provides private detox with safe monitoring and support throughout the detox process.

Shine A Light Recovery’s Sober Companions, some of whom are RN’s, are experienced in the supervision of the drug and alcohol detox process. They are caring and concerned individuals who understand how to firmly, yet compassionately attend to a client’s comfort and safety. Our Sober Companions can be available as long as needed throughout the private detox process—even exceeding the 72 hours.

If someone you love could benefit from a private, confidential, and respectful detox, Shine A Light would like to help.