Safe, Non-Confrontational Interventions For Your Loved One

Addiction is a serious, life-threatening disease. It can be devastating to watch someone you love struggle with addiction. Often times, the addicted person cannot ask for help because they are in denial about their addiction. They might not be aware of their self-destructive behavior; it might be necessary for you and others to come together to take action through a formal intervention.

What is an alcohol or drug intervention?

An alcohol or drug intervention is a well-organized and carefully planned process by which an alcoholic or addict is given an opportunity to see how their destructive behavior is harmful to themselves as well as to those around them. Family members and friends join forces to confront a person in a safe, non-confrontational way, with the guidance of an Intervention Specialist. We can make the appropriate referrals.

The key to a successful intervention is planning and execution

Expert direction and guidance through the intervention process is essential to its success. Shine A Light can connect you with the appropriate Board Certified Interventionist who can assist you in organizing, planning, and executing an intervention. This support will allow the intervention to take place in a loving, non-threatening environment. The main objective of the intervention is for the addict to listen to how their addiction is harmful to themselves as well as others and to become willing to accept help.