Understand Your Recovery Options

If you or a loved one has an addiction problem, it can be difficult to know what to do. Would inpatient, residential treatment be the best course of action? Perhaps a non-residential treatment program might be a better option, particularly when commitments to work, family, or school are involved. An expert Recovery Consultant can help you make this important decision.

Doug Casper, Shine A Light Recovery’s Founder and CEO, has been a Recovery Consultant and Life Coach since 2004. He will work with you to review your treatment options and find exactly the right fit. Families of addicted individuals and medical and legal professionals regularly seek his expert advice. Doug works closely with alcohol and drug treatment specialists throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and can make referrals as needed.

What to Consider When Choosing the Right Treatment Plan:

  • How long has the individual been abusing alcohol or other substances?
  • Has treatment been provided before? What type of treatment? What was the result?
  • Has the individual been diagnoses with a co-occurring disorder, such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, or an eating disorder?
  • What is the budget for treatment?
  • Is insurance available to help defray the cost?
  • Does the individual have job or family responsibilities that might limit their treatment options?

If you need an expert Recovery Consultant to help you make the right treatment choice, please call Doug Casper at Shine A Light Recovery at (877) 227-7073. You do not have to face this important decision alone.