The Importance of Recovery

Recovery has become more important to me than drugs and alcohol ever were. In 2003, it became obvious to me that I was circling the drain and, without a drastic change, my life as I knew it would fall apart. I just couldn’t keep it together anymore. I went into a 30-day residential program, which allowed me a break from my habits and an introduction to Alcoholics Anonymous.

Recovery is Possible

I didn’t know how to live differently, but I hoped these people could help me learn. While I was there, I learned a little about alcoholism and a little about myself. Once I graduated and settled into AA, I started to learn about growing up emotionally as well as┬áliving and loving life without drugs and alcohol.

I now have over 10 years clean and sober. I know who I am today. My recovery is precious to me. My friends and family are proud of me. I no longer feel scared to live.